Greg Trumbley


 I first picked up a chainsaw on a camping trip with my wife back in 2007.
We ran into a chainsaw carver working alongside the highway in a town
called Greenwood, his name was Jim Harris. He let me pick his brain for
about 2 hours. He inspired and encouraged me to buy a chainsaw and try I naturally bought one and never looked back!

  I couldn't imagine doing anything else, I'm so passionate about what I do. I
would rather live in the middle of nowhere than any city on earth. I love the
outdoors and being one with nature.

  All of my sculptures are created using local wood from the Okanagan and
surrounding areas. I feel like I'm giving the trees a chance at a whole new life,
by creating and finding beauty in every piece. The ponderosa pine is an all
time favourite of the locals.  Its got the nickname 'denim’ because of the
markings and the colour that the beetles create.  The beetles are putting a
devastation on our pine trees,  so i'm very thankful that i can create
recycle the wood into a one of a kind piece of art.

  All of my pieces are created starting with a chainsaw, even my bowls. I don't
own a lathe, so all the bowls  can be different and have its own shape.