chainsaw carved bowls
The tree recycler, giving trees a 2nd chance at life!
Greg Trumbley starts all of his bowls while using a chainsaw, this allows him to use his imagination in the creating process. He leaves enough holding wood to allow his grinder to really take shape of the bowl, this allowing him to really use his imagination and expertise. He moves with a sinuous and wavelike motion, displaying a smooth rising and falling or side to side alteration of movement, and a series of graceful curving. His progressive nature allows him to want to keep moving forward, proceed and develop to a higher, better, and more advanced stage of carving, and to always improve to develop more skills and learning.
After the grinding, Greg proceeds to the sanding stage, the more defined part of the bowl. Sanding is very important, it fixes imperfections that may be in the wood, thus allowing the oil to penetrate the wood for a nice finished surface and to keep from drying out. He applies foodsafe oil to all of his bowls, this allowing the consumer to use it for more practical reasons as well as decor!